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Born on December 6, 1950 in Split, Croatia, Nick graduated from the Split Gymnasium in 1969 with an Associate of Art’s degree in Humanities and Science. Nick was bored with school and since his parent’s had gleaned a basic knowledge of energetic medicine from studying his great, great grand Uncle Nikola Tesla’s research paper s, and other communist secret documents, he decided to follow in their footsteps.

His father, Ivo Kostovic, was a military officer and diplomat and his mother, Bosiljka Kostovic, was a military library employee, so they had access to a non-public, government owned and operated, secret library of information. Nick researched ancient medicine, the human body, laser technology, quantum mechanics, electromagnetic and bio electrically charged elements researched throughout the world.

His parent's research also focused on ancient Egyptian medicine, which was from the time of the Pharaohs.  It was very enthralling and fascinating to study this old and virtually forgotten and currently unknown method of  science.

The Pharaoh's scientific accomplishments were based on research of the natural phenomena of the penetration of the sun's energy coalescing with human cells. He went into great detail in his book "Universe God's Jewel" which was written in Sweden and published in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2001, and later transcribed in Denver, Colorado, in 2008.

1974 - 1982 Nick did research in Croatia and South/Eastern Europe.  He was ardent in his study of Biology, Chemistry, Medicine and Physics. He also studied various plants, other organic matter and minerals. He tested out the transference of electricity through these various materials.

1983 In Singapore Nick studied Asia’s ancient medicine as well as acupuncture, while, at the same time, researching the transference of electricity through organic matter – one of those being the bones of fish. That same year, in Antwerp, Belgium, he researched both the transference of electricity and refracted light through minerals – notably gold and diamonds.

1984 Nick studied with some people from India , researching their  knowledge in ancient medical practices and yoga techniques, especially those known to strengthen the central nervous system.

1985 - 1986 In West Berlin, Germany,
Nick studied on the physicist Werner Heisenberg’s research of quantum mechanics and technological possibilities for the attraction and transference and frequencies of quanta particles charged by biological electricity. Nick discovered that before WWII the German’s had done a huge amount of research in the field of Quantum Mechanics which could be helpful in healing. 

He did research from the German books on Quantum Mechanics Physics and using this text he continued his research for a method to bring this theory into practice to improve to heal humanity.

1987 - 1988 In Sweden, Nick collected ancient texts on medicine, the history of ancient civilizations and astronomy.  He put all of this to use in his own research. He even purchased meteorites to further study and proves the ability of transferring biological electricity through crystalline structures. In June of 1988, in Helsingborg, Sweden, he was privileged to observe the exchange of the sun’s nucleic energetic charge through the refraction of light, an event that only happens every eleven years. Ancient civilizations knew of this phenomenon – of energetic exchange – as it was the basis for their research in medicine.  This amazing opportunity helped him to prove his initial discoveries.

1989 - 1990 In Belgrade, Yugoslavia Nick discovered that his great, great grand uncle, Nikola Tesla had explored the possibility of using ice as a powerful source of energy. Later, in Rome, Italy he continued his research on ice and crystals and their possible use in the new energetic cycles of biological electricity.

1991 In Italy, in the Vesuvius volcano, Nick discovered stones imbedded with the fossils of fish bones and the materialized structure of biochemical charges from the elementary energetic field in the sun’s rays.

1992 Nick had some connections from his father’s super secret communist military intelligence and for this reason, he was allowed to visit the Russian top secret Saturu Laser Military Institute (approx. 30 miles from Moscow).  Nick learned some vitally important clues which aided him in his development of a biological laser technology which can release elementary particles, in a bio-electric form.

1993 - 1994 In Nice, France, Nick studied light refraction through coral, gold, diamonds and other gemstones, as well as the process by which energy is released through them.

1995-2000 Using all this collected information Nick was able to accomplish his goal of taking Quantum Mechanics Physics and electro magnetic science and created a device to improve healing of humanity.  He canceled the magnetic from industrial electro magnetic electricity and converted this into his discovery  Bio electricity. This Bio electricity had the ability to release bio electron’s photons which can cleanse dead cells (oxidized proteins) and number of different sick cells.  In addition Nick discovered that the already existing“ lower energetic grade” cells/particles could awaken/emerge from hibernation causing the regrowth of fiber tissue. These lower energetic grade cells/particles built “in perfection” (Quantum Mechanics in Physics) when lightly stimulated/nourished by these bio electron’s photons enriched with amino acids would emerge and replace the spent/used dead cells creating regeneration and regrowth.  These cells existing at this lower (frequency) sequence are indestructible.  These cells are built of the same elemental structure as the cells/particles that have been functioning the whole life time.  But these lower energetic grade cells/ particles could never be awakened until now.

In 2001 Nick brought his technological discoveries to the US.  He has worked for 15 years in the US helping people heal various cancers, neurological diseases, kidney disease, and heart disease.  This technology in the only one in existence throughout the world that is capable to precisely and carefully cleanse the brain tissue of tumors, cancer, dementia and even Alzheimers Disease.  This is all done without cutting into the tissue with absolutely no harm to any healthy cells and no negative side effects! It eradicates tumors and burns away dying fiber tissue enabling the body to naturally excrete it, while at the same time, regenerating various organs and brain tissue.  And, most importantly, it cleans plaque from veins, arteries even down to the tiniest of capillaries, enabling healthy oxygenated blood supply to feed and nourish the entire body.  Nick has MRI’s, Cat Scans and documented medical tests endorsing these claims.

On July 17, 2013, Nick began the FDA submission process for his KBTE Medical Laser Device.  His 11 years of medical reports, MRI’s and other data helped him easily pass the intense FDA scrutiny, for recognize of K-BTE device as medical device.  In September 2014, having fully satisfied FDA testing, Nick was notified that he received a rank for his  KBTE Medical Laser Device, according US law act 201.   As of 2016 Nick is still in the process of establishing Standards for this technology with the FDA.

November 2015 Vice President Joe Biden asked Nick if he would be among other inventors to apply to his Cancer Summit.  In May 2016 Nick was among only 250 other innovators to be accepted partners of  his National Cancer summit.

June 2016, Nick was published in the Omics International Journals of Bio Medical Engineering and Medical Device, and in August 2016 Nick was published in the scientific journal of Advances in Cancer Prevention .

July 2016 Nick started offering for selling his still secret technology as form of licensed bio energetic medical technology for America and International markets.


Nick Kostovic developed K-BTE laser medical device and wrote the book “Universe God’s Jewel”

Too, Nick's 75 year later comment on Tesla's silenced legacy;

In 1941 Tito was working for Stalin and with the help of Kosanovic ( a relative of Tesla), who was in reality an informant for Tito and his highest confidante they transferred Tesla's best projects through the New Orthodox Church in NY to Stalin. Tesla had first brought these discoveries to President Roosevelt's attention and the day they were to meet, Roosevelt cancelled the meeting. Tesla tried and tried but was never allowed to reveal these discoveries because his reputation had been ruined by Edison and Westing who stole his inventions and secretly published articles that made the world think he was a mad scientist. These brilliant projects were invented throughout the years of 1938-1941. Frustrated and disappointed with the US,Tesla gave theses inventions to his beloved Orthodox church, not knowing that they would fall into the hands of Moscow. Which today of course Russia have been perfecting them over these decades. My father Ivo Kostovic joined this group after WWII and married Bosiljka Rodic, my mother who was the great-great-grand-grand daughter of Djurdja/Djuka/Mandic, Tesla's mother.

Tesla was forced to die in misery, due to EDISON AND WESTING stealing his inventions and ruining his name and leaving him penniless and starving to die as a homeless person frozen under the Brooklyn bridge. Fortunately Serbian King Karadjordje of Kingdom Yugoslavia rescued him with a meager $500 monthly commission. With with this meager amount of money Tesla's stayed alive and worked on his projects. But those 60 boxes of Tesla's creations,his inheritance were sent to Belgrade to TITO, in Moscow.


After Tesla died, the US Government (J EDGAR HOOVER), cancelled his citizenship. They did this in order to legally allow them to go through all of Tesla's personal files which were not truly US property. T Is the way the US Government rewards the inventor of electricity in our homes today, the radio,TV, wireless communication altogether about 2000 inventions. It is hard to believe that money corrupts so severely.

I want to make it clear for the record that with this meager stipend of $500, Tesla was able to stay where he was living at The New Yorker Hotel, and afford to feed himself. So the truth is NOT what people have read,he didn't die frozen and homeless under a bridge in the US.

Some more important facts; there were three attempts to kill Tesla, the first two failed in 1894, 1939, but the last attempt did not fail and on January 5,1943, the greatest inventor in the 19th century, Nikola Tesla was poisoned to death. Two thousand (2000) of his projects were stolen and never paid for and his reputation was ruined as he was pronounced a " mad scientist". Today his legacy is still silenced to a great degree because of those in politics, banking and business who have hugely benefited from this crime. Did you know that the famous Rockefeller World Radio Center was also stolen from Nikola Tesla?

I will never let Nikola Tesla's achievements to science and his priceless contributions to mankind be silenced, Nick Kostovic



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Clinical Data or K-BTE medical device;
Measured by Fluke True RMS Multimeter Instrument

Operational for 120 Voltages AC input of K-BTE:

The First energetic field of the K-BTE medical device’s Bio Tube is connected with the Second energetic field in the floor. The K-BTE output is measured by RMS Multimeter Instrument which shows we have converted the 120 voltages to a maximum strength output of 80 V AC to 98 V AC with an average of 89 Voltages of Alternating Current/AC ;

-Micro Amperes maximum strength output among the first energetic field and the second energetic field on the floor of K-BTE are 2 DC Micro Amperes to 15 DC Micro Amperes, with average of 8.5 Direct Current Micro Amperes.

-This measured current is confirmed for the body’s resistance from 1,000 to 100,000 Ohms or more, it doesn’t matter dry or wet. The severity of any lethal shock is absolutely eliminated as these voltages can’t produce a dangerous shock.

The technician’s hands feel a slight increase due to a repelling /opposite of attracting/ tingling sensation, because it is not wires in output, and it is not electromagnetic. This is why this device is so revolutionary because it is connected in a special circuit by DC /direct current/, AC /alternating current/ and RC /reverse current/.

-The K-BTE medical device’s mobile Bio-Wand #2 in the first energetic field is connected with the second energetic field in the floor(see diagram)

Current involved in the electric shock; Today’s scientific formula for electromagnetic current power it is: I=V:R (I=current; V=Voltages and R=Human resistance to ground in Ohms) Please understand that if the human body’s resistance is 1,000 to 100,000 Ohm, then if using Voltages 120, which is 1.2 Mili Amperes or 1,200 Micro Amperes, then it’s threshold impact, would result in electric shock and death. This is today’s current official technological development in laser medicine.

My newly developed and proven, revolutionary technology using 120 Voltages of AC knowing the Human body’s resistance to ground is 1,000 Ohm, produces the effect of about 12 Micro Amperes. By utilizing my newly discovered Reverse Current we prevent electromagnetic shock. Which means my K-BTE device is 10,000 times less in Micro Amperes strength from today’s developed technology. So these penetrations on the surface of the skin are soft, not electric shock, it doesn’t matter the human body’s resistance is 1,000, or 100,000 or 1,000,000 it just doesn’t matter anymore because we are producing such tiny Micro Amperes.

So this worldwide standard scientific formula I=V:R doesn't apply to my new developed technology, this formula is now history!

Only high Voltages combined with low Micro Amperes are capable of destroying and killing Cancer Viruses, Hepatitis Viruses, AIDS Viruses, and I have no doubt when bio electric electrons are enriched with proper natural acids it will destroy and kill Ebola Viruses and prevent Epidemics

Please find the Diagrams for my K-BTE medical device along with the output maximum formula used for the bio electrons and maximum strength of the floor field level for the biochemical charges and elemental dots of electron neutrinos included in this package.

Nick Kostovic, Inventor

Secondary Life Cycle Sequence

My experiments have verified and proven that we human eing/everything alive is created from endless sequences of light. These sequences of light consist of complex structures of elemental light, neutral light and non-elemental light particles including biophotons.  Biophoton light particles are elemental gossamer light particles formatted with layers/veils of elemental fibers stored within the nuclei of the DNA and RNA molecules. These dynamic biophoton light particles are capable of restoring any damaged nucleic acid cellular structure within the DNA & RNA . Only the sunlight's biophoton particles can rebuild damaged nerve cell's nucleic acid structure, because capable to interact with biophoton cellular structure light particles.

These light particles communicate their signals of information to the organism's cells, tissue and organs, are lot faster than the speed of light.  But I have discovered how to attract biophotons and bio electron of elemental sunlight particles in various ways (explanation further down) and direct it into the brain and spinal cord to help injured nerve cells recover, in addition to awakening hibernating,dormant, passive brain nerve cells. This amazing break through has such a wide spectrum of healing potential. But what is even more exciting is my discovery of how to attract nano biophotons within this biophoton field of elemental sunlight particles which can awaken what I termed the, " Secondary Life Cycle Sequence". I can prove that within our biological structure (RNA & DNA) there also exists well preserved hibernating gossamer nano biophoton light particles which have the ability to ignite this next quantum biological sequence(Secondary Life Cycle Sequence). 
Biophotons and nano biophotons light particles are built from this most complex structure of elemental light values and formatted with our ancestral genetic properties easily decoded within our brain and biology once awakened.

Modern science is beginning to understand about the biophoton field from the research of German Biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp. Popp has written extensively about his theories of biophotons and coherence systems in biology, arguing that "the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light." Fritz-Albert Popp has proven that biophotons can recover  injured or damaged nucleic acid blocks within the first life cycle. But even he hasn't figure out how to attract nano biophoton light particles at this lower slight/weaker grade, which can awaken the hibernating  Secondary Life Cycle Sequence within ourDNA and RNA.

I will try to explain what I have realized and  proven about this very complex new life cycle hibernating within the cellular components of our DNA and RNA.  We live on Earth within an complexvenergetic field interacting with the air, made up of sunlight irradiation interacting with the irradiation from the minerals of the earth's ground energetic field. This field within the air consists of non-visible (with the naked eye) elemental biophoton sun light particles and also at an even lower level within the field of elemental biophotons  sun light particles are nano biophotons.  Sunlight particles contain this very complex elemental light structure of concentric energetic fields which carry bio chemical elemental electrical charges and electron neutrinos. Transferred through the atmospheric cover into the earth's environment these sunlight particles are charged with the finest biological electricity. Fusion of the sunlight particle's elemental energetic field mixing with the Earth's ground field of elemental values of bio electricity naturally has the ability, if gently slightly charged to join/bind/ to the hibernating human brain nerve cells. These enriched sunlight particles are similar to the tree's branches carrying nutrients to feed and nourishing their fruit. Our hair is a natural conductor of this elemental biological electricity. Elemental biophoton sun light particles nourish and stimulate the neurons in the brain while instantaneously sharing biological information and genetic coding with other biophotons  light particles throughout the entire human body. The recovering nerve cells and neurons from the first life cycle become stronger, improving our body's biological impulses, and  health. Biophotons sun light particles can heal damaged DNA and RNA nucleic acids, from the first life cycle sequence, as well awake brain sub particles from second life cycle.


I have discovered how to attract,pulse/ignite/ the weak lower grade biophotons in or into the brain and spinal cord(Central Nervous System) to awaken the stored weaker/ lower grade nano biophotons from brain sub particles hibernation to life. When the nerves throughout the entire body receive the slight weaker nano biophoton impulses from the brain and spinal cord(CNS), instantaneously the Secondary Life Cycle Sequence awakens. In the Secondary Life Cycle Sequence, we have an even more complex significant perception of genetic information, even more than the first life sequence which we had from birth! In the Secondary Life Cycle Sequence we also have hibernating/passive lower grade neuronal sub nerve cells which are built from lower sequence grade DNA and RNA nucleic amino acids.  The neuronal nerve cell structure also has well preserved hibernating gossamer strings of indestructible nano biophotons.  

These hibernating nano biophoton light particles within our nucleic acids blocks of RNA and DNA carry the coding and decoding of human biological information. When awakened from hibernation, these well preserved healthy nano biophotons light particles not only have the capacity to recover and rebuild damaged DNA but can build new DNA, RNA, Chromosomal structures etc. 

So now I would like to explain how I accomplish this phenomena. I have figured out (with the help of Nikola Tesla's discoveries) how to take standard electricity at the mili amperes level (lethal shock ) and convert it to the gentle micro amperes and even lower to the nano amperes level (frequency).  Using elemental electric radio wave frequencies I wirelessly attract from 3 - 8 nano amperes (frequency)  which is a very slight bio chemical elemental charge(never before achieved) to 1000 Nano Ampers, and further tents of Micro Amperes. The tool I've invented which is responsible for this impossible phenomena which enables amazing healings, I call the Kostovic Bio Technological Energetic Acupuncture Device (KBTE). 

This technique of keeping the first life cycle vital and healthy and awakening the Secondary Life Cycle Sequence is predicated on a vital prerequisite. That prerequisite is our unique cleansing process. First the KBTE device cleanses the body of dead cells and dying fiber tissue, oxidized proteins within the fiber tissue of the brain's gray matter and spinal cord and any diseased organs. The device sends bio electrical particles into the body to separate and destroy the diseased cells from the healthy cell tissue. This device also has the extraordinary ability to clear the plaque from the veins, arteries and even the tiniest capillaries around any diseased organs. Thus enabling the fully flowing vascular system to reach and nourish the injured or weakened fiber tissue which can now begin to recover. These nourished and stimulated healthy cells rebuild fiber tissue which eventually becomes new fiber muscle tissue. Now the body is ready to receive the attracted elemental form of sun light particles in form of biophotons and nano biophotons.

With my unique device I wirelessly transmit twenty essential nucleic amino acids steamed with slight vibrations of bio electrical bio chemical charges, directly into the client's forehead and spinal cord (CNS). These penetrating slight vibrations directed into the brain and spinal cord awakens dormant, hibernating brain sub particles biophotons, as well as the hibernating nano biophoton light particles within the DNA and  RNA nucleic acid structure, activating this new alive stage,(Secondary Life Cycle Sequence).

These penetrating slight elemental electrical charges bind to the nano biophotons, awakening the dormant hibernating brain cells.
These weak slight nano biophotons of elemental energetic light values are indestructible, they can not ever be harmed but have never before been recognized or been activated.  This phenomena can only be fabricated by using a high energetic power or combined high and low energy power to produce slight elemental electrictic irradiation.
For example, using ice/crystal elemental electric irradiation. If we used any higher pulse it would just skip over it, not engaging and not allowing this fusion/awakening to occur. 

An essential piece of this technique are the twenty steamed amino acids enriched by bio electrons, and with/by this complex elemental sunlight particles of slight biochemical charges and electron neutrinos which now bind to the nano biophotons awakening the dormant/ hibernating brain nerve cells. 

The three essential components to create the fusion awakening process of the nano biophotons within the Second Life Cycle Sequence are: 
1.Attracting the slightly biochemical charged lemental sunlight particles and electron neutrinos
2. utilizing the most refined, slightly nano bio chemical elemental energetic charges of bio photons
3. sending the slightly charged energetic forms of essential 20 amino acids by bio electrons. 

We have proven cases that these awakened cells in the Secondary Life Cycle Sequence can rebuild fiber tissue in the brain's gray matter, spinal cord, fiber tissue in the eyes, optic nerve, deep in the brain, pancreas, heart or any other weakened/diseased organ. With this remarkable device we have recovered the brain from; ALS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer Disease, multiple brain tumors and we have prevented a patient from going blind due to wet mononucleosis degeneration (never before achieved). 

Here are just a couple of examples of what can be accomplished once we turn on the Secondary Life Cycle Sequence. Medical science claims that the pancreas can not regenerate once it stops producing C-peptides. We have regenerated a diabetic pancreas and increased production of C-peptides. After working on this client's type 1 diabetic pancreas, it started to produce more C-peptides. His C-peptides went from 0.5 to 1. Which mean we converted Diabetes 1 to Diabetes 2. 

I had another client on biweekly dialysis with only one kidney barely functioning at 20%. We brought his kidney back to functioning at 60%, no longer needing dialysis.

Our health center has helped hundreds of people recover from many ailments including neurological disorders, heart disease and various cancers. We have a plethora of data to substantiate our claims. 

Nick Kostovic, Discoverer, Inventor



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And Now In Virginia



wirelessly releases energetic vibrations, energetic acupuncture, and elementary beams of biological electricity in the form of lasers.This unique biological electricity is produced from electrons. These electrons are extracted from electric fluid (H2O) using a basic standard electrical energy source. This electric fluid is connected in a special circuitry.

Releasing the electrons in this form they can do no harm to healthy cells yet they become powerful destroyers of unhealthy cells. These electrons of energy are under absolute control, gradually adjusting the charge from lower to higher voltage. As these electrons of energy are gradually released they through natural acids they are converted into a newly energetic form which I call biological electricity. This new form of biological electricity can deeply penetrate into any
affected/unhealthy physical organ (brain, heart, breast, pancreas, vascular system, etc.) with no harm to the healthy cells and with no side effects. This special equipment generates a wireless transfer of the biological electric energy through two energetic fields. It is important to point out, the two energetic fields utilizing this special current circuitry releases the electrons from an electric
fluid (H2O). The voltages can differ from 110 V, 220 V, 240 V, or even
more, but it isn't dangerous because of this uniquely developed circuitry. The practitioner determines the strength of power required for each type of illness.

The KBTE's biological energetic physical therapy is capable to heal and maintain all physical organs, glands and the vascular system. We can clean all affected organs, glands and the entire vascular system (veins, arteries, capillaries). Yes we can clean the vascular system from the layers of harmful cholesterol, sticky sick piles, plaque, clots, congestion, enabling the oxygenated blood supply to reach the healthy cells and organs. We also burn away the dead necrotic oxidized
proteins and dead cellular tissue, enabling the body to easily excrete it. Thus, regenerating and regaining the vitality of the harmed physical organs, glands, and congested vascular system. Furthermore, I developed this technology to also nourish, stimulate and grow new cells, called daughter cells (known as the Mitosis phase), and their replicate cell cycle (known as the Mitotic phase). To achieve these cycles, the tissue has to first be cleansed from dead cells. The dead
cells are easily dispersed by the biological electricity. The new cells take over and can easily regrow the fibrous muscle tissue in any injured physical organ, gland. This has been proven over and over again during my 15 years of working on many cases of heart problems, brain, liver, pancreas, prostate, bone tissue problems,etc. This technique is also essential for a more longer lasting vital life, as well as slowing down the aging processes.

This KBTE biological electricity is also very efficient for cleansing the physical organs, glands and vascular system affected with radioactive radiation particles and biological chemical toxic gases.

As I have stated before, the electrons released during this technique of cleansing do not harm any healthy cells and there are no side effects. When electrons are enriched with sodium acids, Mannuronic and Gluronic from algae, they become powerful destroyers of radioactive radiation particles, dispersing them and enabling the body to easily eliminate them. The KBTE's enriched electrons of biological electricity are also capable to recover open wounds caused by
radioactive radiation or biological-chemical toxic gases.

When healing most types of malignant cancer the KBTE Device also releases elementary beams of biological electricity through enriched natural acids, as lemon, lime, fig, and Oleic and Linoleic acids from virgin olive oil. These acids are converted into a new energetic form capable to successfully attack and eradicate most types of malignant cancer with metastases (as prostate, breast, lungs, pancreatic, liver, brain, etc.) with no side effects, while simultaneously strengthening the healthy cells.

At our center we have successfully treated different Neurological disorders,(ALS, MS, Parkinson's Alzheimer's Disease), diabetes, strokes and heart attacks with no side effects and with no harm to the healthy cells.

This KBTE biological energetic physical therapy has provided extraordinary results in healing the aforementioned diseases in Europe for three years. This form of therapy has also provided the same extraordinary results in the US for the last 15 years.


Nick Kostovic At The White House on SBNA Meetings

Letter from President Barack Obama a few days before he left office
Dated: January 17th 2017

Letter from President Barack Obama
Dated: December 31, 2014


Letter from President Barack Obama
Dated: October 28, 2014


Dear Nick:

Thank you for writing. I have heard from too many Americans whose lives have been affected by a wide range of health conditions and diseases. Whether they are common, preventable ailments or rare, life-threatening illnesses, we must do more to find cures and improve treatments for patients.
I have always been a strong supporter of medical research because of its potential to save lives, relieve suffering, and improve our quality of life. From mapping the human genome to unlocking new vaccines and cancer treatments, Federally funded research has spurred advances in science and health care that help millions of Americans every day.
Medical miracles do not happen by accident. They often grow out of painstaking and costly research, and years of trial and error. But when these investments pay off, they change our lives in ways we could never have imagined. And as a Nation, we need to keep taking bold steps toward the most promising solutions in medicine and human health.
Under the Recovery Act, we made available $10 billion in new resources to support research at the National Institutes of Health—an unprecedented amount. I also lifted the ban on Federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, which has the unique potential to help us better understand—and possibly cure—some of the most devastating diseases and conditions.
Those were big steps forward, but we had to keep going. So in 2013, I announced the next great American project in medical research: the BRAIN initiative. By investing in basic research, this initiative aims to give scientists the tools they need to get a dynamic picture of the brain in action and better understand how we think, learn, and remember. And that knowledge could transform how we treat illnesses like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, post-traumatic stress disorder, and epilepsy. To learn more and see other projects we are pursuing, visit
At times, our pride in discovery of innovative treatments is tempered by shortages of vital medications, including some used for the treatment of cancer. That is why in October 2011, I directed the Food and Drug Administration to do more to reduce and prevent drug shortages, protect consumers, and prevent price gouging. Since then, hundreds of drug shortages have been averted. And moving forward, we will keep working to ensure patients have access to the lifesaving medicines they need.
Thank you, again, for writing. Medical research holds promise like no other area of human endeavor, and by claiming that promise together, we can keep making progress toward a brighter future for everyone.


Barack Obama






December 29, 2011

Dear Friend:

Thank you for sending me materials to review.  I appreciate hearing from you.  


I am encouraged by the outpouring of messages and suggestions from Americans across the country.  Some comments are supportive, others are critical, but all reflect the desire of Americans to participate in a dialogue about our common concerns and challenges.  To learn more about my Administration's agenda, please visit:


Thank you again for contacting me and for your continued participation.


Barack Obama






November 27, 2012

Dear Nick:

Thank you for writing. I have heard from many Americans whose lives have been affected by a wide range of health conditions and diseases. Whether they are common, preventable ailments or rare, life-threatening illnesses, we must do more to find cures and improve treatments for patients.
I have always been a strong supporter of medical research because of its power to lead to discoveries that save lives, relieve suffering, and improve quality of life for those afflicted. Medical miracles do not happen by accident. They often result from painstaking and costly research, as well as years of trial and error. From the sequencing of the human genome to life-saving vaccines and pioneering cancer treatment, Federally-funded research has led to scientific progress and improved health care for countless Americans.
To advance medical research, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act made over $10 billion available to the National Institutes of Health for scientific research grants. This money has helped fund an array of research projects in labs and hospitals across our country. I also lifted the ban on Federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, which has the unique potential to help us better understand—and possibly cure—some of the most devastating diseases and conditions. To explore the steps my Administration is taking, please visit
At times, our pride in discovery of innovative drugs is tempered by shortages of vital medications, including some used for the treatment of cancer. That is why in October 2011, I signed an Executive Order directing the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to take action to help reduce and prevent drug shortages, protect consumers, and prevent price gouging. Since then, over 100 drug shortages have been averted. Additionally, the FDA has taken action to increase drug companies’ notifications of potential drug shortages so they can work to prevent or mitigate a shortage before it becomes a crisis. Through these and other aggressive efforts, we will continue working to protect the health of Americans and ensure patients have access to the lifesaving medicines they need.
Thank you, again, for writing. Together, we can keep America at the forefront of medical research and disease treatments. This work is essential not only for our health and well-being, but also for the progress of all humanity.



Barack Obama



Nick Kostovic attends a Special White House Small Business Briefing in the White House Washington D.C. on June 09, 2009








Kostovic-Biotechnological Energizer and NK Biological Electricity


Kostovic-Biotechnological Energizer is the equipment that releases the NK biological electricity wireless, in a form of energetic vibration, Croatian/Italian energetic acupuncture, and elementary beams of NK biological electricity, (form of lasers)

1. Cleaning

The energetic physical therapy by NK biological electricity is capable to maintain
the physical organs, glands and vascular system. It cleans all affected
physical organs, glands and vascular system (veins, arteries, capillaries) from
inside layers of harmful cholesterol (sticky sick piles, plaque, clots, congestion) and tissue from dead proteins, and dead cells. Thus, regenerates and regains the vitality of physical organs, glands, and vascular system. Also, this technique is essential for slowing down the aging processes.

2. Healing most types of malignant cancer

The equipment K-BTE also releases the enriched elementary beams of the NK
biological electricity (form of lasers) which are able to successfully attack and
eradicate most types of malignant cancer with metastases, as prostate, breast,
lungs, pancreatic, liver, brain, etc., with no side effects, while simultaneously strengthening the healthy cells. The equipment generates a wireless transfer of  biological electric energy through two energetic fields. This energy is under absolute control from gradual low to high voltages charges from the basic electric energy source. The NK biological electricity is produced from electrons. The electrons are extracted from electric fluid (H2O) through the basic electric energy source, connected in a special current circuit.

3. Healing different Neurological disorders, diabetes, strokes and heart attacks

The large group of Neurological disorders as ALS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, etc. have been successfully treated, improved and even healed in my Center, as well as many cases of heart attack and stroke, with no side effects and with no harm to the healthy cells. This technology is my invention. I have provided the energetic physical therapy for the last ten years in USA and had extraordinary results in healing aforementioned diseases.

The demonstration and first appointment are free of charge.

Nick Kostovic, Inventor
Bio Technological Health Center, Inc
20867 Mack Ave., Suite #4
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236
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Kostovic-Biotechnological Energizer and the NK Biological Electricity
Invented by: Nick Kostovic

Kostovic- Biotechnological Energizer is the use of equipment that releases the NK biological electricity in the form of energetic vibration, Croatian/Italian energetic acupuncture and the elementary beams of NK biological electricity (a form of lasers). The equipment generates a wireless transfer of biological electric energy through two (2) energetic fields. This energy is under absolute control from gradual transfer of low voltage to high voltage charges from a basic electric energy source. The NK biological electricity is produced from electrons. The electrons are extracted from electric fluid (H2O) through a basic electric energy source that is connected in a special current circuit.

When the NK Biological Electricity is enriched with different natural acids, the electricity is capable of:

  • Regaining the impulses in the human body as well as improving mobility.                 This can be accomplished in just a few weeks.


  • Unmistakably destroy cancer cells in the brain or any other physical organ. This can be accomplished with no side effects and no harm to the healthy cells.
  • Cleanses the vascular system in the brain or in any other physical organ from the inside plaque. This will prevent stroke, heart attack and many different neurological disorders as well as diabetes.


  • Cleanses the fibers of dead cells while dispersing them and opening room for the formation of new and healthy cells. This is the most important step for a vital and longer lasting life.
  • When the NK biological electricity is enriched with amino acids, the electricity stimulates the release of new cells. These new cells are called daughter cells or otherwise know as the “Mitosis phase”. Also, the electricity stimulates the growth of new cells and then allows them to split. This is known as the “Mitotic phase”. The result is the rebuilding of fibers of muscle tissues in any physical organ.


  • It attracts through two (2) energetic fields the bio chemical charges and electron neutrinos. This way, it fosters the regeneration, recovery and re-growth of the neurons in the brain.

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